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1. Group Music Improvisation with Adolescents in Mental Health Facilities: Setting the Stage for Success

Young people today are born into society inundated with constant, short-term, passive stimulation, while often socially isolated. Music improvisation in music therapy gives them an opportunity to slow down, listen to one another, be present, be playful, be curious, be creative, be together, or just be.

Tags: drum circle, improvisation, teen mental health, group music therapy, adolescents, music therapy, mental health
By Missy Lees, MA, MT-BC
2. "Music Therapy, COVID-19 and Change"

[Scene: Music Therapist is walking into hospital]


Step two: Greet (and be greeted by) the temperature checker! 

“Good morning to you!  In the last 48 hours, have you experienced any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell?”

Step three: Have temperature checked.  Good to go!

“... and don’t forget your screening sticker!”

Tags: music therapy advocacy, music therapy, music, change, Covid-19, medical music therapy, mental health
By Genessee Tudino, MT-BC, Neurologic Music Therapist
3. "Together - The Coronavirus Anthem" - Now on YouTube!

Our incredibly talented team of Ashley Manges, MT-BC, Kristin King, MMT, MT-BC & Genessee Flynn, MT-BC worked together to create an original song..."The Coronavirus Anthem" to share with the world!  Songwriting is a tool music therapists use regularly to express emotion and create connection in times of uncertainty, anxiety and stress.  Music was made for just these times.  We encourage everyone to find a way everyday to use music...to help your mind, spirit and physical wellbeing during this time.  #musicchangeseverything. 

Tags: song sharing, music therapy, mental health, coronavirus song
By Tara McConnell, MT-BC

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